Heidi Klum defends lingerie shoot with daughter Leni: “We are two strong women who can definitely show it”


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“We are two strong women who can definitely show it”

A child holding its mother's hand?  Or two self-determined women?

A child holding its mother’s hand? Or two self-determined women?

Those: very intimate

There was criticism for a current underwear campaign by Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni. Now the 49-year-old responded to the allegations in a story on Instagram.

FFor lingerie label Intimissimi’s new advertising campaign, in which Heidi Klum, 49, and her daughter Leni, 19, posed holding hands in underwear, it rained some criticism. “I find it strange to show myself erotic with my mother. Also showing me erotic with my daughter”, “There are somehow very strange vibes in this mother-daughter thing”, it said. Or, “I wouldn’t be proud to show my daughter that way. I would feel ashamed and sad” and “How can you present your daughter like that”.

The comment function under Heidi Klum’s post has now been deactivated. Nevertheless, negative headlines are inevitable. “Daily Mail” author Samantha Brick thinks about one thing Contributionthat Heidi would have “clearly lost her moral compass as a mother” if she “moneyed motherhood” with her daughter in yet another “creepy and tacky” lingerie campaign. And so a user asks the GNTM-Juror directly via Instagram: “How do the headlines a la ‘brothel and patriarchy’ for the campaign with Leni feel?”.

Her response: “I must say that I am very proud that my daughter even wanted to do this campaign with me. And that she is not ashamed of her own mother in her own skin and vice versa. Rather, she views the joint campaign positively: “We are two strong women who can definitely show it,” she continues in her story.

A contemplation

Heidi and Leni Klum in the Intimissimi spring collection

There was already criticism for their first joint lingerie shoot for Intimissimi last year. At that time, Leni explained to Klum „Page Six“that she ignores the comments on the posts anyway: “I just don’t look at them, honestly,” she said. That explains why comments keep pouring in under Lenis Klum’s post.

But then, as now, you should leave them cold: “If I don’t look at them, I don’t have to pay attention to them, so I just don’t know what’s there.” Rather, she was “happy with the campaign” and she “had a great day with it my mother.”

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