Heat pump or gas heating? These CO2 taxes are coming your way


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Mith the ban on installing gas and oil heating systems from next year, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has made numerous property owners extremely insecure. Many now quickly have a new boiler installed, although the old one would certainly have done for a few more years: the concern that the new building energy law will force them to install an expensive heat pump and house insulation is too great.

Since then, Habeck has warned in interviews that it was a wrong decision, prompted by last-minute panic: “No one should quickly install an oil or gas heating system.” After all, the prices for natural gas and heating oil would rise continuously from 2027 onwards as a result of EU emissions trading. “For this reason alone, you should rely on renewables for such a long-term investment as a heating system.”

WELT asked the MCC research institute in Berlin to calculate how much climate taxes could still affect the wallets of consumers who have been paying a CO2 tax on the consumption of petrol, heating oil and gas since the beginning of 2021. This currently increases the price of petrol by a good eight cents per liter. But in 2027 a real price jump is imminent.

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