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Google’s Discover Feed can be a good way of having personalized news delivered right to your phone. That is, it would be if Google would just stop recommending ScreenRant articles as often as it likes to. Stop showing us “The Handmaid’s Tale Seriously Needs To Stop Using 1 Tired Trick“. We do not care.

Occasionally, however, Google delivers a half-decent video to your feed. But a few bad apples do get in the way. After the latest Google update, that won’t be the case. Google is adding the ability to completely block specific YouTube channels off your feed entirely. There are a few other customization options coming.

Managing your interests

Discover Feed

Curating your Discover feed when it comes to written articles on your feed is easy enough. You click the Kebab menu (also known as the ‘three dots’) and choose the option that best suits your dissatisfaction. Previously, YouTube recommendations didn’t work that way. For some reason only known to Google, you either had to turn off video recommendations entirely or leave them be. No longer.

Now, when you see ScreenRant pop up, you can click the Kebab menu and choose to no longer see content from that channel, preserving the other YouTube suggestions. That isn’t your only choice though. You can still let Google know you aren’t interested in a specific topic, or just turn off YouTube recommendations entirely.

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You’ll need the latest version of the Google Search app on your phone to make use of the feature. The update is live, so just head over to your app store and hit update. And, if you really don’t like thinking about what current events to read about, there’s something else hidden in the mists.

Rumours have begun circulating online foretelling the coming of Google’s Discover Feed on desktop. Maybe start working on getting your feed up to scratch before that day arrives, because it’s coming. Probably.

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