Google working on new smart home gadget with Soli and Zigbee support reveals FCC certification


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Google is reportedly working on a new smart home gadget that will support multiple wireless standards. The new “interactive device” from Google has been filed for FCC certification, and according to the submitted documents, the device will support both Zigbee and Soli wireless standards and may not portable.

The device’s codename in the document is “A4R-G4CVZ” and it does not have any product name or submitted photos as a part of a confidentiality request. However, there are other bits of information that can be found from the name of the documents themselves.

The device will support Zigbee, which is a popular wireless standard for smart home gadgets and other IoT products. This will allow the device to communicate easily with a wide variety of gadgets. Another interesting technology that the device supports is Soli, which is a standard developed by Google that utilizes the 60GHz band.

It will also likely not be portable as it will supposedly use a 14v wired power supply and not an internal battery. At the moment there are no real guesses for what this device could be, maybe another Nest device. Hopefully we will know more information soon.

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