Google Working On A Feature To Share Files Amongst Your Own Devices


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Want to share files amongst your own devices? If you’re in Apple’s ecosystem, that would be as simple as AirDropping a file from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac and vice versa. On Google’s platforms like Android or Chrome OS, that becomes a little bit more tricky as it involves either sending the file to the cloud, emailing it to yourself, or connecting your device to your PC.

Google has attempted to create their own version of AirDrop called Nearby Share, but it’s not quite the same as AirDrop, but Google could be looking to change that. According to a sighting in the Chrome Gerrit, it appears that Google is working on an update to Nearby Share that will result in a new feature called “Self Share”.

As the name implies, this will make it easier for users to share files amongst their devices. This means that if you’re working on a device like a Chromebook, you can then use this Self Share feature to send a file from that Chromebook onto your Android phone. This feature will be part of Nearby Share and should be available in the Nearby Share menu where the option will be called “Send to Your Devices”.

We’re not sure when the feature is expected to be available to all users, but since it is currently in Chrome Gerrit, it’s next step would be to make its way into Chrome Canary before it eventually rolls out to more users and everyone else.

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