Google Will Soon Force Fitbit Users To Login With Google Account


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Very few people have the time or energy (or ability) to diligently remember separate usernames and passwords for each of their accounts on each device. Thankfully, Fitbit owners will soon have one less account to worry about.

This week, Google reiterated its intent to phase out Fitbit accounts in favour of using a Google account with the fitness devices. If this is the first you’re hearing about this, your Fitbit account isn’t going away just yet. It’ll still work for at least another year or two.

“You aren’t required to move to a Google Account immediately but will need to move by 2025. If you’re a new Fitbit user, you’ll be required to register with a Google Account this summer,” says Google.

Google won’t abuse our Fitbit data, right?

Fitbit is part of the Google family
Image: Google

This is great news for those who struggle to remember their login details or those who are simply too lazy to log in using different passwords, but we also can’t help but feel nervous about giving Google more power to more of the apps we log in to.

“With a Google Account you’ll get more Fitbit experiences and all your historical data with the benefits of a Google Account,” says Google.

Call it paranoia if you like, but who knows what tech giants actually do with all that data power?

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For all that power, Google says it’ll give you the convenience of logging into Fitbit with a single password so you can better manage connected apps and paired devices. It says you’ll continue to enjoy Fitbit’s health benefits while it safeguards your historical data.

Basically, if you’re concerned about your data and security issues, just run it off and pay attention to your health and fitness instead. If the safety of your data still bugs you, you’re always welcome to leave it all behind and enjoy jogs in the woods with only a compass and your sense of direction to lead you home.

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