Google Stadia Is Now Playable On iPhones And iPads


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google stadiaLast month, Google teased that Stadia would finally be arriving for iOS devices and it looks like that day has finally arrived. For those who are interested in streaming games on their iPhones and iPads, you will now be able to choose Stadia as one of the game streaming platforms available to you.

However, you will need to rely almost entirely on the web version of Stadia in order to buy and play your games, as well as pay for the Stadia Pro subscription if you choose to. Stadia is offered in two tiers – the free version which basically lets you use Stadia to stream games, and a Pro version that costs $9.99 a month that comes with support for higher resolution streams, surround sound, and some extra games.

Stadia will require gamers to purchase their own games so don’t think of this as being similar to a Netflix subscription. It’s probably more akin to Steam where it’s just a portal for you to play your games on. Stadia joins other streaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now as being some of the few options iOS gamers have.

Microsoft is also expected to eventually launch its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for iOS devices in the near future, although Microsoft’s option will be similar to Netflix where you pay a flat monthly fee and get access to a library of games.

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