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Google’s long been the centre of many people’s workflow operations. To do your daily tasks, you need access to things like Gmail, Google Drive and good ole Search. YouTube’s reserved for those fleeting moments you really just need a break. Now it looks like most of Google’s services, including those mentioned above, are down worldwide, including South Africa.

If you’ve been having issues accessing any of Google’s Workspace portals, you’re not alone. At around 13:40 on Monday 14 December in South Africa, people lost access to these services. It’s not an isolated incident, and reports have flooded in from across the globe to sites like Downdetector and Isitdownrightnow.

According to Google’s own status page for Workspace, everything’s up and running fine. That’s clearly not true and the US-based company may not have caught on to the actual issue yet. We’re giving it a few hours before a fix is rolled out and Google’s services are back in our arsenal.

Downdetecto’rs Twitter profile has been publishing regular updates, and it looks like, in addition to the Workspace services mentioned above, users have also been losing access to YouTube Music and Google Play Services.

It looks like this is an overall Google issue, including its Home and Nest products and services as well. Google will likely catch the issues soon. We’re keeping an eye on this story.

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