Google Search Console Sending Messages With Errors

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Google is advising site owners that a message was recently sent via Search Console may contain errors due to a known bug.

The message Google is referring to was sent out recommending the use of domain properties in Search Console.

It begins by notifying the site owner how many impressions they’re missing out on by not having a verified domain property.

Many of these messages were received with a glaring error at the beginning where the site’s URL either had a few characters missing or was completely wrong.

In some cases people were getting these messages for domains they don’t have ownership of in Search Console.

This was a topic of discussion throughout the day on SEO Twitter as many in the community shared examples of the emails they received.

Google confirms a bug caused these messages to be sent with the wrong URLs. But the information in the message is still relevant.

Messages Still Relevant Despite Error

It’s important not to send these messages to the trash too quickly because the information is accurate. Only the URLs came out wrong.

Here’s Google’s notice on the subject:


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