Google Pay update to add toggle for enable personalisation within app in India


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Google Pay is rolling out a new update to users in India that will change the way the app uses user data such as transaction information, etc. They are introducing a new toggle within the app, that will allow users to either opt-in or opt-in from Google collecting and using this data to provide a personalized experience.

Once the app is updated, users will see a new screen that will ask them if they want to opt-in to a more personalized experience on the app. If the user dislikes the idea of giving Google more private data, they can opt-out and continue using the app just like before.

If the user accepts, Google will use various data such as user location, transaction history and payment methods to provide more relevant offers and better recommendations. Users can also log into to view and delete individual transactions and activity records that they don’t want to be used for personalization.

The toggle will show for both new and existing users, and the app update should start rolling out today to both Android and iOS users.

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