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Google recently announced that it would be bringing a number of features to Workspace to making working from home easier and simpler now that it’s become so commonplace. One area of particular focus was improving Meet on mobile devices, and the company has revealed in a tweet that the first major update to the platform is live on iOS devices, and will soon come to Android too.

Google Tile View: Tile, no error

As you can see in the tweet, Tile View lets you see a handful of your beautiful co-worker’s faces all at once, displaying their names in the bottom left of each tile, just like in the browser version. Like other online meeting apps, whoever’s speaking will have their portrait lit highlighted for convenience’s sake.

XDA Developers suspects that users will be limited to 8 portraits at a time in Grid View, owing to the fact that in the tweeted image it shows that there are 6 other users aside from the shown 8, so 14 total. XDA Developers also speculate that shown users will switch depending on activity, which makes sense.

Grid View is currently only available for Workspace on iOS devices, but Google says that it’ll be arriving on Android soon.

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