Google Drive Vs OneDrive Vs iCloud, Which Cloud Storage Is Right For You In 2021


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The sheer shock when you suddenly lose an important file has not been a very familiar feeling for a long time now. Thank god for cloud data-saving technology, we have been saved from many panic attacks.

If you are still not saving your data in the cloud then you are not utilizing one of the most useful technological inventions.

Cloud storage as a concept started in the 1960s! I know that early!

Now it has been 60 years since we are fortunate to have high-end cloud integration systems like Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud. All three of them have been brought about by three of the top-tier multinational companies of the world.

So, How Do You Know Which One Is The Best For You?

Sit back and take note as I draw a comparison of Google Drive Vs OneDrive Vs iCloud.

What Are The Individual Features Of The Three Platforms?

Before we go for the comparison let us discuss the features of Google Drive, One Drive, and iCloud.

What Are The Features Of These Cloud Services

Each service does have its own set of features, and a variety of storage plans at different cost ranges. So, to enable customers better understand which service gives the most storage for the least amount of money, which has the finest multi-platform support, or which has all the features you require, we’ve done all the legwork and distinguished the features for you to choose the right one.

Google Drive

Google Drive Vs OneDrive Vs iCloud, Which Cloud Storage Is Right For You In

  • The first benefit that Google gives to all its users is that it is a free data cloud storing service. All you have to do is go to Google Chrome and click on the nine dotted icons on the left upper corner to get to your Google Drive.
  • Google Drive has all the Microsoft Office compatibility so if you still want to avail the features of Microsoft applications in your G-drive, you most definitely can.
  • The links for sharing can be customized according to the necessity of the user. Say you want to share a file with someone but you don’t want to give them editing access, you can customize the link to read-only.
  • Google uses the same SSL encryption that is used for Gmail to their Google Drive to protect your data.
  • There are several free templates that are offered to you for the drive.


Google Drive Vs OneDrive Vs iCloud, Which Cloud Storage Is Right For You In

  • OneDrive is also free of cost for every user.
  • Cloud file storage is up to 100GB.
  • It is a very cohesive system that allows you to share files from Microsoft Teams as well. [Microsoft Teams is its business communication platform.]
  • It has visibility controls for the purpose to protect your data from any external invader.
  • You can access your files from any device with its untethered mobility.
  • You can also view your iCloud files via the internet. If you have a Windows 10 PC or an Android device, you may still use iCloud on the web to find all of your files. However, we believe that the iCloud experience is best suited to Apple device customers and makes the most sense.


Google Drive Vs OneDrive Vs iCloud, Which Cloud Storage Is Right For You In

  • With iCloud, you can also access the file on iOS and iPad.
  • iCloud allows you to share high-resolution pictures through its cloud services.
  • The storage is up to 4TB.
  • The apple collaboration tools are also linked to the cloud for smooth sharing of files during virtual meetings.
  • It also has access to iMessage and FaceTime with end-to-end encryption.

Which Cloud Storage Is Right For You In 2021

The pointers on which the results will be accessed are:

  • Security
  • Storage
  • Accessibility
  • Mobility


  • iCloud is the winner when it comes to security. Not only will it provide unbreeched protection to your files, but its other features like iMessage and FaceTime are also end-to-end encrypted with this platform.
  • OneDrive also provides protection at that same level although it doesn’t have personal communication from
  • Only Teams which is a business communication domain.
  • Google Drive on the other hand, although it promises end-to-end encryption can still access your data. Not necessarily in a malicious manner, but it still does.


  • Google Cloud takes the cake in this one as it provides 15GB of data for free. It can go up to 10TB which is paid.
  • For OneDrive and iCloud it is the same with 5GB of free data, the rest can be added with payment. Although, according to popular reviews, OneDrive is not that great with the free plan.


  • With all three platforms, accessibility is easy. They can be used on any device.
  • Although, iCloud is exclusively made for the integration in Apple products and might cause a nuisance when tried to access in other android devices.
  • OneDrive on the other hand has complete Office 365 perks as it is a by-product of Microsoft.


  • OneDrive and iCloud are fairly fast when it comes to data upload and sharing.
  • Google Drive on the other hand has faced many complaints about being slightly slow when uploading large files. But, this is the only drawback of the platform.
  • Know why there is a Google Drive Error when uploading a file.

To Wrap It Up

Google, Microsoft, and Apple have seamless integration. However, being ferocious competitors of each other they will always want to be one step ahead.

Whichever platform you use for cloud, storage and safety are the two main concerns. Moreover, all three of them are more or less offering these services competently keeping aside the few cons.

Now, whichever platform you want to use depends on the device you are in and your external preferences.

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