Google Chrome 89 for Android update improves memory management, browser responsiveness and more


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The world’s most popular browser app, Google Chrome is receiving a new update that improves its performance and memory efficiency in both its Android and Windows versions. The new version, Chrome 89, uses  their new memory allocator and has smarter memory management across the board.

By using PartitionAlloc, which is the name of their advanced memory allocator, in both their Android and Windows versions, Google claims to have performance improvements at up to 22% in the browser process, 8% in the renderer, and 3% in the GPU. Chrome is also reportedly smarter in using and discarding the memory, which should result in improved overall system responsiveness.

On newer, high-end Android phones, Chrome has been repackaged and rebuilt, resulting in 8.5% faster load times and 28% smoother in scrolling and input latency.

Another feature that Google has built-in is called Freeze-Dried Tabs. What it essentially does is save lightweight versions of the tabs in Chrome that support scrolling, zooming, and clicking links, but have the size of a screenshot. To the user, this means faster page startups while the actual tab loads in the background.

Google Chrome 89 has begun rolling out to all users on Windows, Mac and Android.

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