Google brings Web Stories carousel to Discover page


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The Discover page on the Google app on Android and iOS is a place where you can view articles across a range of topics from the web. Google is now adding a visual element to the Discover page with a feature called Web Stories, which functions very similarly to Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Web Stories can be created by creators and publishers, and Google has already worked with multiple companies such as The Times of India, Gaana, Vogue, NDTV, ETimes, etc. to showcase their Web Stories as soon the feature got launched.

To browse these stories, simply open the Discover page on your Google app, at the top you will see a carousel of Stories and click on any of them to view it. Clicking on the right edge will take you to the next page of the Story, left edge for the previous page, and swiping right will skip completely to the next Story.

Google also made it easy to create these Stories with the launch of their Web Story editor for WordPress, MakeStories and Newsroom AI. Users with the technical know-how can even code the Stories themselves.

Google is first rolling out Web Stories in 3 countries – the US, India (in English and Hindi) and Brazil, and a wider rollout is expected to occur later.

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