GNTM 2023: Nina “looks like the cleaner”


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“You look like the cleaner”


Does Nina model or clean here?

Source: © ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

Today a true fan of the format writes about the highs and lows of the episode. But even she wonders whether such a model cleaning lady comparison is actually appropriate. And is happy about the topic of the week.

My perfect reality TV moment in this episode:

DThis episode is the family episode! Perfect reality TV. In each season there is a partner who wishes GNTM would also let men participate and secretly hopes to be discovered as a model. In this episode, it’s Jeffrey, Anna-Maria’s boyfriend. Always perfectly styled, he doesn’t take off his jacket even when cuddling together.


It doesn’t get any more cuddly

Source: © ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

I had to google this during the show:

Even after season 17 I’m still no fashion expert and had to google the designers of the high fashion shoot. Does anyone really care who provides the outfits that you will never buy and wear yourself?

I enjoyed these scenes:

Not particularly surprising: seeing family and partners again is always emotional and makes you feel sympathy even on the sofa. The joy of seeing each other again makes the girls forget for a moment that it’s about getting into the top ten. When asked how the shooting was, Nina answers with a big smile: “really shitty”.

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The most boring moment:

What do you give your girlfriend after months of separation? Please no teddy with a greasy saying. It couldn’t be more boring.

The most beautiful Heidi quote:

“She looks a bit like she ate spaghetti and is wiping it off her mouth.”


Heidi is available this week with Sofia Vergara

Source: © ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

There will be a shitstorm for this scene:

In times of war and inflation Rich-Girl-Shooting hosting might not be the best idea. In addition, the statement of the photographer to Nina: “You look like the cleaning lady: It looks as if you work here and not as if you live here.” Ouch!


They should eat cake!

Source: © ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

These girls will have the most new Instagram followers after the episode:

For me, none of the participants particularly stood out this time. But this episode had an extremely likeable and actually surprisingly humorous guest: Sofia Vergara. If you weren’t a fan before, you are now at the latest.

My prognosis:

Only one can become Germany’s next top model and that is: Ida! She literally floats through the entire season, doesn’t offend much, gets numerous jobs and delivers at every shoot.

Some models would have preferred to call Jana Meyer zu Drewer before taking part. She works as a student advisor at a private university and also oversees one or two reality cases here. She has been a passionate GNTM viewer since the first season and has never missed an episode.

All episodes at a glance:

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