Getting a portable monitor was the best move I made all lockdown


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Lockdown has been an opportunity for self-discovery for us all. Maybe you’ve used Zoom to re-ignite a long distance friendship once thought lost, or mastered a home workout routine. Maybe you’ve tackled your gaming pile of shame, or binged an entire Netflix boxset.

But, what’s happened for many, is that the ‘new normal’ has turned your home into an office. Those four walls of sanctuary after the commute have become your one-stop-shop for work, play and everything else in between.

Getting into a comfortable rhythm working at home can be difficult – there’s the lack of social interaction, despite the widespread use of video calling apps, there’s home distractions such as chores and childcare, and of course there’s the hardware problems. Your monitor, laptop, desktop, mouse, keyboard and all manner of other accoutrements are likely missing, not to mention a desk set up ideally by an occupational health expert if you’re lucky.

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What’s helped me get into my regular working rhythm was picking up a portable monitor for my ageing (2012) MacBook Pro. I’ve been using the Lepow Portable Monitor, and it’s been really great at giving me the digital space to get my work done – without taking up too much space in the physical world. Here’s what I’ve found.

My portable lockdown pal

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