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On MTN’s network? Want 1GB of data free? For doing essentially nothing? Yeah, we thought that might be the case. The yellow mobile service provider is offering each of its users 1GB of free data until 31 December this year, and all you have to do is download its app.

Well, download the updated app and then register yourself on the service. We don’t reckon the app is smart enough to a) identify who download it and b) automatically send 1GB of data to that phone. We’re not there. Yet.

MTN the data pool

The company’s new app has been zero-rated, meaning you won’t incur any data cost when using it. And since it can be used to top up your data, in addition to other tasks like keeping an eye on usage stats or managing YelloBucks. Users can also RICA their MTN SIM cards using the app.

And if you’ve already downloaded and registered, you’re not being left out either. Kinda.

If you downloaded MTN’s app and registered for the service but haven’t logged in in the past 90 days, logging back in before 31 December will net you 1GB of data to use — over a 24-hour period, which hardly seems fair. But then, the company does say that T’s and C’s apply.

The company’s Mapula Bodibe said “Life is happening extremely fast, and time and money is limited. With demand on the rise for flexible, specialised solutions, we are committed to making sure that the MTN app delivers by helping users manage every detail of their mobile accounts in one place, wherever they are.”

MTN’s revamped app is available for Android, iOS, on Huawei’s AppGallery. And remember, it’s not enough to download the app. You also have to register, so that the company has a place to send your free data. And also has you registered as a user, we assume. That’s probably the main reason for all this.



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