Garmin Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 GPS running watches launched in India


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Garmin India launched its new Forerunner series of AMOLED Running GPS Smartwatches with the world’s longest battery life today, after announcing them in March. Indian Sprinter Hima Das joined the brand to unveil the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 models in Bengaluru, where a 10K run was also organized to celebrate Garmin’s 20th anniversary.

The Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 are advanced GPS running smartwatches designed for passionate runners and triathletes. The Forerunner 965 boasts a titanium bezel and a high-res 1.4-inch AMOLED display, providing an incredible battery life of up to 23 days in smartwatch mode and up to 31 hours in GPS mode, making it the world’s longest-lasting running watch with an AMOLED display.

The Forerunner 265 has a tough Gorilla Glass 4 lens and a 1.3-inch AMOLED display option. It has a battery life of 13 days in smartwatch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

Both smartwatches come equipped with innovative tools such as VO2 max, performance condition, training effect, and over 30 sport profiles, including a specialized triathlon mode. The Wrist-Based Running Dynamics feature allows users to track detailed metrics such as stride length and vertical oscillation.

The Stamina and Acute Chronic Workload Ratio features help users manage their physical exertion and prevent overexertion for smarter and less strenuous training. Garmin has partnered with Firstbeat Analytics to integrate advanced analysis and metrics in the areas of stress, sleep, maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 Max), training status/load, training effectiveness, and respiration rate.

The Training Readiness feature gives users an idea of their fitness level and preparation for the next workout, and the Race widget acts as a personal coach that gives advice and predicts race time. Additionally, the Forerunner 265’s trendy appearance and colorful silicone bands enhance the runner’s confident stride.

Quick specifications: Garmin Forerunner 965

Quick specifications: Garmin Forerunner 265

Pricing and availability

Both the Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 can be purchased from various platforms, both offline and online.

  • Offline options include Garmin Brand Store, Garmin Shopping Shop, Croma, Vijay Sales, Helios, Just-In-Time, Zimson Watch, Kamal Watch Co., Ruswic Stores, Mastermind, Vishal Trading, Cyclofit, Decathlon (Bengaluru), as well as all leading watch, sports, and bike retail outlets.
  • Online options include, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Tata Luxury,,, and

Commenting on the announcement, Missy Yang, Marketing Head, Garmin ASIA & SEA, said:

Garmin’s vision is to provide high-end training features and performance metrics for athletes & fitness enthusiasts with our Forerunner Series, the world’s first GPS running smartwatch.

We are celebrating its 20th anniversary in India with the launch of the most powerful Forerunner smartwatches yet; Forerunner 965 & 265. We are thrilled to have Hima Das, one of India’s most credible runners, join us for this launch. We aim to deliver innovative technological breakthroughs to help runners achieve their personal bests.

Speaking on the collaboration, Indian Sprinter, Hima Das, said:

I am happy to be part of Garmin’s Forerunner 20th Anniversary celebration and the launch of Forerunner 965 & 265 series in India. Garmin’s products give me data accuracy that I need as a professional athlete.

I am amazed by the huge crowd for the 20th Anniversary run today and I believe that the new launch will enable passionate Indian runners, women athletes, and triathletes to track and improve their performance and reach their fitness goals.

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