Game On: Why Grant Hinds Gives The Galaxy Note20 A High Score


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Recently, the Galaxy Note20 series was launched to great acclaim worldwide. The Galaxy Note20 series is a productivity powerhouse that works like a computer and lets you game like a pro. At the August release, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Note20 were launched with the Galaxy Buds Live. These devices caught the attention of YouTube marketer, professional geek and gaming guru Grant Hinds. Instantly a fan of the Galaxy Note20 this video games and tech contributor on South African TV shows such as Top Billing, Expresso and Tech Report revealed what he liked best. At the local, Unpacked launch Grant emphasized how excited he was about the potential of the device for work and play.

The Note20 is big on performance. In what ways will people experience it? 

Today, we need devices that are as flexible as we are. With what I do, I am excited to have the opportunity work, play and connect, however, I want. I can take my productivity to the next level with the Galaxy Note20 series – anytime from anywhere. I was impressed by the processing speed of the device, which gives me the ability to upload, download and even stream content with lightning speed. And because of the powerful battery and quick power-up capability, I can confidently make all-day video calls and use the pro-grade tools that enable me to create incredible cinematic videos. 

What aspect of Note 20 empowers your productivity?

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