Frohms and Berger shine: goalkeepers save the DFB team against the Netherlands


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As of: 04/07/2023 11:14 p.m

Thanks to the strong performances of Merle Frohms and Ann-Katrin Berger, the DFB women celebrated their first win of the 2023 World Cup. Otherwise there was little good to see from the German team at 1-0 (0-0) on Friday (April 7th, 2023) in the Netherlands.

Even before the kick-off there was the first bad news for the national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, who had extended her contract until 2025 a few days before the game in the Netherlands: Nicole Anyomi was sidelined with a foot injury and Svenja Huth started for her.

It would be purely speculative to say that this had an impact on the German team’s attacking game. The fact was, however, that almost nothing went forward. The two teams neutralized each other for half an hour before the Dutch took over and created a succession of chances.

Brilliant saves by Frohms and Berger

First Merle Frohms saved against Lineth Beerensteyn, who ran free (30′) and shortly before the break the German goalkeeper decided the duel against the Dutch striker, who tried a low shot into the near corner (43′). In the following corner, Frohms parried the header from Stefanie van der Gragt from close range.

In the second round, Ann-Katrin Berger then guarded the German goal – and she too was immediately in the limelight as a DFB rescuer. Again Beerensteyn ran freely towards the German goal and again it was a foot defense that stopped them (46th). The 32-year-old was also able to steer Danielle van de Donk’s follow-up shot to the post with her fingertips.

Lohmann hits out of nowhere

The hosts stormed and dominated the game – but the DFB women struck. After a corner kick, Sydney Lohmann suddenly appeared and headed the ball over the line from five yards (53′). After the 0-0 draw against Sweden, it was the German team’s first goal of the World Cup year. The world tournament will take place in New Zealand from July 20th to August 20th.

The game in the Netherlands and on Tuesday (April 11, 2023) in Nuremberg against Brazil should be endurance tests for this tournament – and the first game of this double pack showed that Voss-Tecklenburg and her team still had a lot of work ahead of them. Even the opening goal did not give the DFB women any security, the Netherlands continued to storm and it was always dangerous in the German penalty area.

Berger defuses the next 100 percent chance

However, after about 65 minutes, Germany managed to take control of the game. Clara Bühl missed the 2-0 with her shot from ten meters (66th), but overall it was noticeable that the Dutch women lacked the strength for a final offensive after the intensive game before.

Nevertheless, the Dutch women still had a big chance. Damaris Egurrola got a shot from six yards out, but Berger reacted quickly again and saved with his foot (86′). In return, Laura Freigang almost decided the game, but she only hit the post from 16 meters (87th).

“chance killers” posted

So it remained the pleasing result for the German team. “It was intense, it was wild. If you lose the balls in the build-up, you have to work a lot and intensively,” said Voss-Tecklenburg. “In the end we won, but we have to find the balance again so that we can play well under pressure.” The national coach described Frohms and Berger as “chance killers”.

You have to see who can play against Brazil, said Voss-Tecklenburg. “Merle has had a bit of back trouble for a while. And she signaled at half-time that she wouldn’t be able to continue playing. There’s no prognosis for Tuesday.” Berger “stretched his ankle”. But things are looking better for her, so she assumes that she will not have to nominate anyone.


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