Formula 1 in the press: “Verstappen ridiculed the whole ensemble”


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Formula 1 in the press
“Verstappen ridiculed the whole ensemble”

Max Verstappen only starts from position ninth in the Formula 1 race in Miami. In the end he is still the winner again. It’s an outstanding comeback, but it also reveals the weaknesses of the competition. The international press has clear opinions on this.

Great Britain

“The Sun”: “You can’t stomp him.”

“Daily Mail”: “Max Verstappen climbed up the field quite easily and made it to the top of the podium from ninth place.”

“The Guardian”: “Max Verstappen slays Sergio Pérez and takes victory in Miami.”

“The Telegraph”: “Max Verstappen storms through the field and takes the Grand Prix win in Miami from Sergio Pérez.”


“Brand”: “Verstappen flattens everyone.”

“Sports world”: “Verstappen, you saw it coming.”

“As”: “‘Mad Max’ goes from ninth to first in Miami without breaking a sweat.”


Corriere dello Sport: “One-two for Red Bull while Ferrari can’t get past fifth.”

“Gazzetta dello Sport”: “Verstappen, the Martian. He catches up science fiction and wins in Miami.”

“Tuttosport”: “Ferrari in Miami behind, Verstappen wins.”


“The Team”: “Max Verstappen ridiculed the whole ensemble by winning the race in an impressive way.”


“Crown Newspaper”: “Verstappen: F1 legend Lauda was the last to do that. What a spectacular comeback from Max Verstappen in Miami! The Red Bull driver, who only started the race from ninth place on Sunday, flew through the field and finally grabbed it the victory.”

“Delivery man”: “Verstappen delivers a show of force in Miami”


“Blick”: “Verstappen show in Miami. The fourth Red Bull double victory in the fifth GP in 2023.”

“Daily Gazette”: “It’s an unparalleled show of force from the championship leader.”

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