Football cracker on TV: RTL brings Buschmann, Esume and three women to the NFL team


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Football hits on TV
RTL brings Buschmann, Esume and three women to the NFL team

NFL bang: RTL is strengthening its team for the next football season with big names. Frank Buschmann, Patrick Esume, Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld and Co. will accompany the fans on upcoming NFL evenings. Three experts also strengthen the crew.

“Finally fridge chess again”: Frank Buschmann makes his NFL comeback on RTL. The sports presenter commented on the Super Bowl in 2012 – now, eleven years later, the 58-year-old is in the starting blocks for RTL. A podcast gossip by two RTL experts had already indicated the commitment: In the NFL Germany podcast, Jan Stecker answered his colleague and ex-NFL professional Markus Kuhn when asked if he would like to comment on site: “I’m an absolute fan But I also like to let the other guys do it, the younger ones or maybe Buschi – oh well, I’m not allowed to say that, am I?”

Now the Buschmann comeback is official: The moderator tells RTL/ntv: “Somehow the journey was interrupted at the time, now I would like to accompany ‘Chess with Fridges’ again. The number of spectacular players has never been higher in the NFL, and that too Two games in Frankfurt, three in London. There have never been more Sunday afternoons in winter when the eggs fly – I like sitting at the table!”

In addition to Buschmann, another commentator will lead through the upcoming NFL evenings: Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld. The 33-year-old is Buschmann’s podcast colleague (“Eavesdropping”), long-time Sky Bundesliga commentator and Premier League expert. Sommerfeld says to RTL/ntv: “My heart has been in football since I was allowed to commentate on my first game eight years ago. For me, every single NFL evening with the community was a holiday. It feels like after six years come back home.”

Nurasyid, Wosnitza and Stevens as experts

Patrick “Coach” Esume and ex-NFL professional Björn Werner are also present from the former Ran team. “After intensive talks with RTL, it quickly became clear that we were both pursuing the same goal of promoting the NFL and American Football with the entire team in Germany over the next few years,” said Esume. Werner is looking forward to “more people discovering this extraordinary sport for themselves”.

In addition, three women strengthen the RTL crew. Nadine Nurasyid is the head coach and defensive coordinator of the Munich Cowboys – the first and only woman in European American football on a professional men’s team. She was named “Coach of the Year” for her work. She has also been coaching the German national football team since last year. “The development of American football and especially the NFL in Germany in recent years has been breathtaking and it makes me a little proud to be a small part of it from now on,” says Nurasyid to RTL / ntv. The qualified sports and health scientist worked for ARD in the 2022/2023 season for the NFL Munich Game and the Super Bowl.

TV presenter Jana Wosnitza, who has already been on the microphone for Sport1 at events such as the darts and ice hockey world championships, is also there. Likewise national football player Mona Stevens. The 30-year-old is active as a quarterback for the Saarland Ladycanes and the German women’s national football team. For NITRO and RTL+, Stevens was seen for the first time as a studio guest at the NFL Draft at the end of April.

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