Fitness: “It doesn’t take hundreds of exercises. A standard repertoire is perfectly sufficient”


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Dthat muscles have a positive effect on health is now scientifically proven. Especially with advancing age, strong muscles become more and more important.

Henning Wackerhage, who studied and did his doctorate at the German Sport University in Cologne (DSHS), is a professor of sports biology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and conducts research in the field of skeletal muscles. Together with the sports scientist Marie Heiber, he explains in an interview with WELT how you can benefit from the anti-aging effects of well-trained muscles and why weight training is still underestimated.

WELT: Herr Professor Wackerhage, Can age-related muscle atrophy be prevented decades in advance?

Wackerhage: Yes. Whenever muscles grow in the human body, fat tissue shrinks and blood sugar levels improve. Muscle growth also results in several essential metabolic effects. It is becoming increasingly clear that metabolic health can be generated not only through endurance training, but also through strength training.

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