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If you are following Xiaomi closely, you would be aware of the fact that the company has made an MIUI update 12.5 for some devices in the past few months. Xiaomi 12 series are one of the most advanced features and are rich android skin, at an affordable price for an excellent hardware device. The review for the software of the device is both positive as well as harmful.


Xiaomi mi 10t lite miui 12.5


The global variants of the Mi 10T-Lite is currently receiving a new stable MIUI RJSMIXM. It’s a security patch build that pushes the Android security patch level to July 2021 to increase system security and stability. Download here: Recovery | OTA (Apply from v12.5.1.0)

UPDATE: JULY 23, 2021

The Mi 10T Lite has received MIUI 12.5 in some regions, but the European models are yet to start getting the update. It was expected to arrive soon, but Xiaomi had a different plan. The company is rolling out a new update in Europe with a version number – MIUI RJSEUXM. It sans the much-anticipated MIUI 12.5, but hopefully, this would be the last MIUI 12 based update for the device.

Review of Xiaomi 10T-Lite

The Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite is an impressive series of mobile phones from Xiaomi in 2021; although the phone has some negative points, it comes with a massive value of money to its consumers. Xiaomi offers you a good set of specs with 5G technology in the phone.

Mi 10T lite


The phone comes with a large display of 6.67inch and a 120hz display, and a 750G Snapdragon processor, with a 5G technology at such a pocket-friendly price; when it comes to affordability, every handset from Xiaomi mi meets the criteria of the cheapest smartphone all around the market. These are one of the best smartphones you can buy from a Chinese manufacturing brand. The phone is now unlocked for UK sim also. You might get some variations in the handset price depending upon the configuration you choose for your phone. The phone has a glass back rather than the plastic one, which is a bit unusual at the range the brand is offering. Hence the phone gives a classic look with a light feel.


The phone screen has a resolution of 1080*2400 pixels with a notch below that provides the best durable screens in the mobile industry. The brightness and the sharpness of the screen do not match the contrast and vividness of the OLED display. The screen of the phone is smooth with on-screen animation and makes scrolling smooth. The handset comes in three different color variations, i.e., Atlantic blue, rose gold and pearl-grey . There are no dust and water resistance reviews for the phone. The rear camera is a bit big, and the fingerprint sensor on the power button is more fiddly to use; you also get a 3.3mm jack on the downside of the phone to connect your headphones.



Coming on to the camera of the handset, the brand offers multiple cameras. The rear quad camera of the phone features 64MP wide + 8MP ultrawide + 2MP macro 2MP depth affair with an HDR processor, plus the camera does not have optical zoom in it. The camera offers good shots with bright, well-balanced colors and sharp edges. The camera allows you to capture crisp and wide images.

The camera also reduces the hustle with night shots due to the presence of the night mode feature in the phone. The camera allows you to capture usable photos even at dim/low lights, the quality of the picture might not be at par, but the camera performs far better performance as per the price range.



 The Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite comes with a 4820mAh battery, which offers two hours of video streaming on maximum brightness, which means the phone offers 10hours of streaming overall. The phone won’t depress you in terms of battery, but you must never forget the battery won’t last beyond a day; hence you need to charge your phone nightly as there is no option for wireless charging in the phone.


Other Salient features of the phone:

The Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite offers a Qualcomm snapdragon 750G processor paired with 6GB of RAM or 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. We will recommend opting for a more practical storage option with a slight difference in the price, and you can also use the MicroSD card slot to add up extra storage in your phone.

The phone’s performance is good without being spectacular, but there is nothing you can expect from such a low-priced phone; the phone has scored a satisfactory level of use in the geek bench test. When it comes to the handset price, the Xiaomi mi 10T-Lite offers a good look with a respectable performer at the price range, and the phone’s processor allows you to access multiple tabs or apps at a time.

The extraordinary thing is that the phone supports the next generation 5G computer technology with higher bandwidth and transfer rates. You might feel the phone is a bit unnecessarily complex as per your taste. Anyways you can install an alternative launcher anyway.



This is one of the best pocket-friendly phones in the market, you need to spend a very generous amount to buy the phone, and the phone offers everything from a large screen to decent specs and 5G technology. In case you need more storage, you need to spend a little more amount on the phone. You would for sure feel the Xiaomi mi 10T-Lite is a lot more than worth the money. The only dealbreakers of the phone are the camera and battery, but they are worth the price you are paying for the phone. Many phones have an outshining screen and design but are entirely apt as per price. We would surely recommend the Xiaomi mi 10T-Lite if you expect a better performance phone at an affordable price. You might get lots of options for a smartphone, but it is all about what you expect from your phone.



Xiaomi mi 10T-Lite is an approach to providing you with the best phone features at an affordable price. They offer a phone which is entirely worth the price. The above article is all about the features and specifications of the phone. We would surely recommend you purchase the phone if you are looking for pocket-friendly options in a phone.



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