Fancy spring?: These are the best gas grills


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Fancy spring?
These are the best gas grills

For millions of Germans, the fundamental question is not whether, what, where or with whom, but rather that they are grilling at all and above all on what. And although the energy source is currently scarce, you can also use it on a gas grill. Warentest has tested corresponding sizzle devices.

The Germans spend around 1.2 billion euros a year on grilling fun. Investments are made in grills, fuels and accessories. On average, the old grill is replaced with a new one after almost 7 years.

Die Stiftung Warentest helps all those who have decided or want to decide on a gas grill. Because around a third of the devices used in this country are now operated with gas. Four tabletop devices from 98 euros and eight grill trolleys from 269 euros were tested. As for the grilling itself, all models are “good”. The main question here is what demands are placed on the sizzle experience.

However, as the investigation revealed, exposure to pollutants is also a criterion. These can be released from the enamel, with which most grates are coated, by acidic marinades and the like, and migrate into the food to be grilled. Here, seven gas grills showed that large amounts of substances such as aluminium, cobalt or nickel were released. They are below the official tolerable daily intake – but since we also ingest the substances through other foods, caution is advised according to the product test.

rust and hot spots

Rust – i.e. corrosion – is also an issue: in the laboratory, half of the devices proved to be robust. But in particular the “Weber Spirit E-315 GBS” (grade 2.8, around 700 euros) and the “Landmann Rexon 3.0” (grade 2.6, around 355 euros) weakened and rusted after a week at 40 degrees and 93 percent humidity in several places.

Three grills attracted attention due to hot spots on the hood, where users could burn themselves in case of doubt. The “Tepro table gas grill Albany” (98 euros) fails with “inadequate” due to this lack of safety, among other things.

In the free-standing grills, the test winner “Rösle Videro Pure G3” (approx. 500 euros, grade 2.0) achieved the best grilling result. It also has a practical viewing window in the lid. Significantly cheaper and almost as good: The second-placed “Enders Chicago 3” with a grade of 2.1 for around 287 euros. It can be stowed away to save space and consumes little gas. The “Weber Go Anywhere gas grill” for around 170 euros (grade 2.4) prevailed among the table grills. All three devices were in the green zone in the pollutant test.

Grilling makes you happy?

By the way, psychologists have been trying for a long time to decipher the cult surrounding barbecues. One explanatory model sees the man at the grill confirmed in his Stone Age role as the classic provider of the family. According to this, glowing coals and a hearty pair of barbecue tongs give him the necessary support in order not to stumble in the confusing discussion about gender roles. May be.

Another attempt at an explanation is that the smell of the grilled meat, the soft evening light and being together with friends and family increases this happiness hormone serotonin is distributed. That may also be true. But maybe it’s also very disdainfully due to the increased blood alcohol level of the sizzling fans. Because for most of them, a beer or two is a must. Whatever the case, barbecue fans will ultimately be shy about the various attempts at explanation.

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