Facebook to soon allow sharing Instagram Reels on the platform for Indian users


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Facebook Inc., the parent company of the image-sharing platform Instagram is now testing the ability to share Reels on Facebook. The company revealed that they are allowing a small set of Indian creators to have the option to directly share their Reels to their Facebook account.

Reels was rolled out widely to Instagram users in India last year, soon after their rival app, TikTok was banned in India. Instagram has since made a number of updates to the feature and has even added a dedicated Reels tab to the homepage in an attempt to boost its popularity.

Facebook is now reportedly testing the ability to share these Reels from Instagram to the user’s Facebook account. Users can have their Reels recommended on Facebook, which should increase its visibility to a whole other userbase and audience.

Along with this test, Facebook is also reportedly building their own version of the Reels feature for the platform in the future. It is however, very much at its early stage and does not have a name yet.

Regarding the test, a Facebook spokeswoman said:

In India, we’re testing the ability for Instagram creators to choose to have their Reels recommended on Facebook… creators can reach new audiences and people can create and discover more entertaining content.


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