Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses

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Facebook is rolling out a dedicated shopping tab, and expanding Shops and Instagram Checkout to all US businesses.

The company cites a rapid shift toward online shopping as the reason behind these upgrades:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to online shopping has rapidly accelerated, with an estimated 85% of people worldwide now shopping online.

We want to make shopping easier for people and empower anyone, from an entrepreneur to the largest brand, to use our apps to connect with customers and grow their business.”

Here’s more about the new ways for customers to shop, and the new tools for businesses to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

Shopping Tab

There’s a new ‘Shop’ tab in the mobile app where users can discover businesses and shop for products.

“Facebook Shop makes it easy for people to find products from businesses they love, discover new ones and make purchases, all in one place.”

Currently being tested in the US, this new area can be accessed by tapping the menu icon and selecting ‘Shop.’

Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses

A complementary shopping destination was launched this past July, called Instagram Shop.

Facebook & Instagram Online Stores

Launched this past May, Facebook Shops makes it possible for businesses to sell products on both Facebook and Instagram.

In the coming weeks, all eligible businesses in the US will be able to utilize Facebook Shops.

Additional customization features will also be added, along with messaging and new insights for measuring results.

The new customization features coming to Facebook Shops include:

  • New design layouts for featuring single products or groups of products in Shops
  • Real-time preview of collections as they are designed
  • The ability to automatically create Shops for new sellers
  • New insights to measure results in Commerce Manager


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Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses

Expanding Instagram Checkout

All eligible businesses in the US will soon be able to utilize Instagram Checkout.

This will allow customers to browse through a catalog of products and make purchases without leaving the Instagram app.

To use Instagram Checkout, businesses must have Facebook Shops and use Facebook Commerce Manager.

Businesses will also be eligible for Instagram Checkout if they use Shopify or BigCommerce.

From now through the end of the year, selling fees are being waived in an effort to help businesses reduce costs.

Shopping Via Messaging

A new messaging button on Facebook Shops allows users to message businesses through Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct.

Customers can even view products within the chat. From there they can choose to share them with friends and family to ask what they think before purchasing.


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“Messaging through Shops combines the in-store experience of being able to ask a salesperson questions with the convenience of online shopping.

Messaging allows businesses to provide personalized assistance so people can make more informed decisions about their purchase.”

This feature is now being tested on Messenger and Instagram Direct, and will start testing on WhatsApp soon.

Shopping Via Facebook & Instagram Live

Facebook is making it possible for business to sell products during a live stream.

Facebook Live Shopping has features to help businesses easily set up a live shopping experience.

During the stream, businesses can featuring products from their Shop and sell directly from the video.

Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses

Instagram Live Shopping is being expanded to all businesses and creators using Instagram Checkout in the US.

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