Facebook Messenger update brings redesigned app logo, new default chat colour and more


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Facebook has announced a new update to one of their core services — the Messenger, with changes to the app’s UI and a newly redesigned logo. This new update represents a consolidation of the many changes that Facebook made, where they brought various updates to its Facebook app, Messenger and Instagram.

Two of the most noticeable changes made in the new update are the new app logo and the new default chat colour. Besides this, Facebook is also adding new chat themes such as love and tie-dye, and custom reactions. There are more features like selfie stickers and vanish mode that are reportedly in development and will arrive soon to users.

New Facebook Messenger logo

Messenger had already received many updates over the past few months, adding support for virtual rooms called Messenger Rooms where people could hang out together virtually, and also added cross-app communication integrations between Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages.

The new Messenger update with the updated logo will start rolling out to all users globally.

This latest logo design has implemented the concept of the gradient so that multiple colors can be added to it. The combination of colors looks appealing. The logo has always been the primary tool of recognition, that’s the reason companies are emphasizing it. The user always likes to use applications with better appearance, and this update in the logo will make it even more popular and attractive for the audience.

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