Erdogan for Ukraine to join NATO


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Status: 08.07.2023 5:45 a.m

At the meeting between Turkish President Erdogan and his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky, Ankara’s diplomatic efforts were the focus. But then Erdogan surprised with a clear announcement.

After the meeting of the two Presidents Erdogan and Zelenskyj in Istanbul, the Turkish host surprised with a clear statement: “There is no doubt that Ukraine deserves membership in NATO.”

In doing so, Erdogan supports the desire of Ukraine, which wants to be included in the North Atlantic alliance as a security guarantee after a possible end to the war. In the medium term, it should be protected against a possible new attack from Russia. Zelenskyj thanked him and said that this explicit support from the president made him happy.

Turkish mediation in focus

After two and a half hours of talks between the presidents and delegations of the two countries, the press conference did not start until just after midnight local time. Turkish mediation between Ukraine and Russia was the focus of the talks on various topics.

For example, Turkey is trying to organize another prisoner exchange of soldiers. At this point, Erdogan surprised again, this time with an unforeseen announcement.

Next month, Mr. Putin will pay a visit to Turkey. In doing so, we will once again discuss this topic face to face. If there are any phone calls by then, I want to talk to Mr Putin about it beforehand. Because the prisoner exchange is a priority for Turkey.

Putin’s visit to Turkey would be the first since the war began. Selenskyj also came here in the evening for the first time since February 24 last year.

Grain Agreement should be extended

The Ukrainian President spoke of an expansion of military cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey, including the joint construction of drones. Cooperation agreements have been signed.

And of course the possible end of another contract was also a topic of conversation: The grain agreement between Ukraine and Russia, which regulates the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, expires in just over a week. President Erdogan said, “We hope and expect that the extensions will initially be for at least three months instead of two and then eventually be increased to up to two years.”

Russia has so far blocked the extension

The grain deal came about a year ago through Turkish mediation and was extended several times. Russia has so far blocked another extension.

The food security made possible by the grain corridor affects the daily lives of millions of people on different continents, President Zelenskyy said in Istanbul. It shouldn’t depend on the mood in which the Russian President wakes up in the morning.

Agreement supports Zelenskyy’s 10-point plan

According to Zelenskyj, a bilateral agreement has also been signed that supports the 10-point plan he has planned. For example, it provides for the complete restoration of Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.

President Erdogan, on the other hand, stressed that it was important that peace negotiations could take place as soon as possible. NATO country Turkey has maintained good relations with both Ukraine and Russia since the war began.

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