Eintracht boss saw “character assassination”: cocaine investigations against Peter Fischer stopped


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Eintracht boss saw “character assassination”
Cocaine investigation against Peter Fischer stopped

At the end of January, investigators found “white residue” in the home of Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer. A procedure is initiated, the 13-year-old son is said to have consumed cocaine with a friend. The public prosecutor’s office is now ending the investigation.

The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office has dropped the preliminary investigation against Peter Fischer, President of Eintracht Frankfurt. This was announced by senior public prosecutor Nadja Niesen at the request of ntv.de. Although “from the point of view of the public prosecutor’s office there is still an initial suspicion of a violation of the Narcotics Act”, this “cannot be substantiated against any of the accused in the sense of sufficient suspicion”. Therefore, “the investigation against the accused had to be discontinued,” said Niesen.

At the beginning of February, the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt initiated investigations against the SBU President and his wife and elder son. Fischer had vehemently rejected the allegations against him through his lawyers. The suspects were accused of “obtaining illegal cocaine” and storing it in their home in such a way that their 13-year-old son had access to it. According to prosecutors, Fischer’s son is said to have brought cocaine to school and consumed it with a friend. A hair sample is said to have confirmed that the school friend had repeatedly consumed cocaine.

During a search at the end of January, “white residue” was also found in a bedside table drawer in Fischer’s house. A rapid test reacted positively to cocaine, the prosecutor wrote. An unequivocal assignment to one of the four suspects was “not possible”. It was not possible to determine “at what point in time the adult suspect procured or acquired what specific quantity of drugs and subsequently owned them”.

Fischer had vehemently rejected the allegations of illegal drug possession raised against him through his lawyers. According to a press release by Fischer’s lawyers Marko Spänle and Stefan Bernhard-Eckel, it was a “character assassination campaign”. Now they said: “Mr. Fischer would like to thank everyone who stood by him during the investigation against him.” At the same time, they asked for your understanding that no further explanations will be given by the defense or Mr. Fischer himself.

Since August 2000, Fischer has been president of the association with more than 100,000 members in 19 departments. During the public prosecutor’s investigation, he had largely withdrawn from the public eye. In the more than 22 years he has developed the traditional Hessian club with his unconventional nature and closeness to the fans into one of the largest Bundesliga clubs in Germany. He was only confirmed in office for another four years on September 26, 2022.

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