Eight dead in explosion: Last victims found in Marseille


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Eight dead in explosion
Last victims found in Marseille

A violent explosion shook a row of houses in downtown Marseille on Easter Sunday. The rescue work begins immediately, but it turns out to be difficult. Days later it is clear: None of the residents survived the accident.

After the building collapse in downtown Marseille, the death toll has risen to eight. The last two victims have been recovered, reports the AFP news agency. This means that everyone in the house is dead. Marseille Mayor Benoît Payan had already admitted on Sunday evening that the hope of finding people alive under the rubble was vanishingly small. The dead are mostly elderly and a couple in their 30s. Children were not in the building when it collapsed.

The rescue work was difficult because a fire broke out several meters below the rubble after the collapse. The four-storey building with five apartments on Rue de Tivoli in the center of Marseille collapsed on Sunday night after a violent explosion. On the night of Monday, two dead were first recovered from the rubble, followed by two more in the morning, according to the authorities. On Monday afternoon, the emergency services then discovered two more bodies, according to the fire department.

Parts of the two neighboring houses were also torn down. Five people in neighboring houses were injured and almost 200 people had to leave their homes. A few hours later, one of the houses next to it collapsed.

Investigations into the cause of the fire continued. According to initial findings, the authorities assumed that gas could have caused the explosion. Neighbors reported smelling gas, which they noticed.

In November 2018, eight people died when two buildings collapsed in Marseille. Both houses were in dire need of renovation. However, there was no evidence of dilapidation in the now collapsed building. “We’re not dealing with a poor housing street here,” Mayor Payan said.

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