DSDS anniversary – semi-finals: cheers, tears and a bleached Lombardi


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DSDS anniversary – semi-finals
Cheers, tears and a bleached Lombardi

Eight candidates, but only four places in the final: In the big DSDS semifinals, all the singing talents really work hard again. In the end, three emotional acrobats and a lady in gold cheer – and of course “Let’s Bounce” champion “Big N”.

From the DSDS living room out into the big wide world: After Dieter’s very personal number one hits ennoblement last week, the chart breakers of modern times are on the program in the semifinals. So that the candidates know immediately what is important in the last show before the grand finale, the format boss embarks on a breakneck e-scooter ride across the studio. Speed, energy and of course a lot of feeling should pave the way to the crown. But only four singing talents can still dream of the title, 100,000 euros and a tour with Dieter Bohlen even after the semifinals. For the other four, the big DSDS adventure ends.

If it were all about microphone skills, then Relay Bear Sem would be the least of his worries. When it comes to the 29-year-old popular figure, everyone agrees: you really can’t sing much better. Even in the hour of deepest pain (Sem’s father died shortly before his first live performance), the favorite doesn’t show anything and delivers again (“Breathe Easy”): “We’re not all crazy! You’ll definitely get to the final !” Sounds Dieter Bohlen. With so much feeling and so much power in his voice, even Pietro Lombardi pulls his famous cap and shows the world his bleached hair.

Drama, emotions and lots of gold

But not only Sem has done his homework. Krasavice favorite Lorent also convinces with a lot of drama and even more emotions (“Stay With Me”). Also in the running for the title of unofficial sob champion are wool hat expert Kiyan and pouty chanteuse Monika. While Kiyan wraps everyone around her finger with a mixture of impressive dance moves, edgy attitude and smooth singing (“Creeping”), Monika slips into the role of flower child Miley Cyrus (“Flowers”). Wrapped in a golden robe and with the usual vocal presence, the 21-year-old newcomer from Salzgitter casts a spell over the jury and studio guests alike.

As is well known, where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow. Even if the other four candidates throw themselves in at least as much and throw everything into the balance, it’s enough for Adriane Grande fangirl Lawa (“Dangerous Woman”), dance nerd Peris (“Despacito”), all-weather bard David (“When You Say Nothing At All”) and hit star Aileen (“Achterbahn”) in the end only for places five, six, seven and eight. These are synonymous with the end of a journey that went halfway around the world, brought ups and downs and will certainly be remembered by everyone involved for the rest of their lives.

Sem, Kyian, Llorent and Monika advance to the final

While some have to go home with glassy eyes, others take the last bend towards the finale. Dieter Bohlen clenches both fists again, Katja Krasavice sends thousands of Bad Bitches hearts on the journey and season party checker Nikolaos Simediriadis aka “Big N” bows one last time to the big picture: “My life was junk. Thanks to DSDS I can finally laugh again!” cheers the TikTok high-flyer. Seconds later, the whole of Cologne-Ossendorf spins the wheel again: “Let’s bounce, motherfucker, let’s bounce!” It pumps through the hall. Next week is the coronation. Who grabs the title “DSDS Superstar 2023”? Sem, Kyian, Lorent or Monika? We are curious.

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