Don’t switch it up: Nintendo Switch 2 only needs to tweak a few things to be perfect


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The Nintendo Switch is really good. Have we told you that before? I’m pretty sure we have, and if you haven’t heard it from us, you’ve heard it from your best friend, your favourite podcast, your kid cousin, an Instagram celebrity or maybe even your mum and dad. 

Gamers have always had a soft spot for Nintendo, a name synonymous with both home and portable gaming ever since the NES hit American homes back in 1985. Things looked rocky for a while around the Wii U era, but the Switch, with its novel transforming form factor and ambitious approach to on-the-go gaming, has proved a roaring success.

However, Nintendo now finds itself, and the Switch, in an interesting position. The console was already seen as an under-powered alternative to the Xbox One and PS4, and that generational gap has increased further now that the Xbox Series X and PS5 have launched, with their flashy SSD storage systems and ray-tracing-ready GPU capabilities.

Nintendo Switch Lite

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Clearly, this hasn’t stopped the console from succeeding – but it raises the question about what Nintendo should do with the next version of its hardware. 

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