Don’t Edit iPhone Videos On Windows 10 Until You’ve Patched Your PC


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There are plenty of iPhone users who are also Windows users, and as such, some of these users might actually be exporting their photos and videos onto their computers for backup or editing purposes. If you do export your iPhone videos to Windows 10 to edit them on your computer, don’t, at least not until you’ve downloaded the latest Windows 10 patch.

This is because it has been discovered that due to a flaw in the way Windows 10 handle’s HEVC files (which is the format Apple uses for its media content), it seems that Microsoft’s Windows Codecs Library can actually be exploited in a way that would allow a hacker to take over and execute code on the victim’s machine remotely.

Due to the mishandling of the HEVC format in windows, it can trigger a memory overflow that would allow for a system intrusion and a remote takeover if it is exploited successfully. Thankfully, there haven’t been any reported instances of this exploit being used, but like we said, if you edit iPhone videos on your Windows PC, you should pause for now.

Microsoft has since released a patch for the flaw last week and the latest version of the HEVC video codec should contain the fix, so you should update it if you haven’t done so already. Note that this doesn’t affect ALL iPhone users, just those who might have downloaded the optional HEVC or HEVC from Device Manager media codecs from the Microsoft Store.

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