Do you think low cost Bulk SMS is really the worth?


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Low prices and discounted rates are important pullers of sales, but just remember you pay for what you get. With bulk SMS this rule too holds valid. Businesses can choose to pay more or less depending upon the services they intend to avail. Some may even pay more to avail free SMS gateways if there are no glitches. It is not only about price when you are choosing a SMS company as a lot of other factors come into picture as well. Customer service, quality, reliability, coverage all of them have a definite say in this regard. In addition SMS gateway price list also has a role

Network quality

The bulk SMS services may offer in sending bulk SMS at cheap prices because the quality of network may not be as per market standards. The messages can be lost or delayed on the route to transit. If a bulk message does not reach the intended destination it proves to be a waste of money and time. In an ideal word the SMS service needs to have an option of direct routing via their network. Just avail the option of a trial period when you choose a bulk SMS company.

Minimum orders and payment advance

In case of bulk SMS payments are sort out well in advance. Once you make the prepayment the company could transfer the money into credits. When you send text messages an amount is deducted. Others do keep a monetary account where money is deducted after messages are sending. Most companies have a minimum order requirement for messages to be sent. This has to be a within a prescribed time limit. Some companies levy a signing up for the customer. The moment you choose a Bulk SMS company just go through their payment structure or any additional charges are levied. If you are planning to send bulk message see whether they are an offering a discount.

Customer service

The modus operandi of sending messages is simple and straight, but if you throw in variables like geographical locations or various mobile operators potential problems spring up. The best course of action would be to choose a bulk SMS services that operate round the clock. This is 365 days via an email or chat. It means you can avail help regardless of the time zone where you find yourself. The low cost service provider needs to cut corners so that they can pass on the discount to customers. The customer support is the area that suffers. At the same time it is an important area of your relationship with a bulk SMS provider company. Close attention to the level of support provided by bulk SMS providers do assume importance. Do locate a company that does pay a lot of attention to their customer service.

To conclude you are spending a considerable amount of money in availing the services of a bulk SMS company. So it would be prudent to conduct a detailed research before you avail their services.

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