Discord finally emerges on the Xbox – just not in the way you think


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Discord voice calls have made their way onto Xbox. For now, the feature is only available to select Xbox Insiders. The rest of us must wait, unfortunately. Xboxers can set up Discord calls straight from the console – allowing them to connect across platforms. The catch? You’re only able to call PC gamer friends. For now.

Why? Because PlayStation users have been awaiting the Discord addition since May last year.

Discord amongst the consoles

Join a Discord call with your friends in 100 easy steps!

Despite PlayStation and Discord announcing a partnership in 2021, PlayStation is still waiting for the service to launch on the console. Still, we’re not here to talk about the wrongs done to PlayStation fans. We’re here to talk about Discord on Xbox.

There is a downside to having Discord on Xbox. Whenever you want to jump on Halo with your Discord pals, you’ll need to start the call on mobile first. But at least the process is simple.

The first step is to download the Xbox mobile app. You need it to start to transfer calls to your Xbox. Second, you must connect your Xbox and Discord accounts. Even if you’ve done it before, do it again. There are new voice permissions you need to accept. Once they’re connected again, they’re connected for good.

Then, you can hop on calls with Discord mates. After starting a call on your cellphone, you can hit the ‘transfer to Xbox’ button, choose which Xbox (if you have more than one), and voila. If you’d like, there’s also the option to transfer calls from the PC app. Follow the same instructions as above, and you’re set.


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Basically, there’s no official app for the Xbox. That doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future though. Hopefully, the two companies can put their heads together and make that happen. Based on Sony’s experience so far, though, it might be a little while longer than we’d like.

Microsoft hasn’t given any timeline for when all Xbox users will be able to use Discord on the Xbox. Usually, Microsoft rolls updates out a few weeks after Xbox Insiders get access. Over the coming days, a bigger pool of Xbox Insiders will get to test the feature out too.

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