Demand increases: Association: 60,000 heating installers are missing


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demand increases
Association: 60,000 heating installers are missing

Demand is high and is likely to increase in the near future: heating installers are currently very busy. This is not only related to the installation of new systems, but also to other everyday tasks. The industry warns of a lack of specialist staff.

According to estimates by the Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning, there is currently a shortage of around 60,000 heating installers in Germany. This figure is obtained if you want to serve all markets and not just concentrate on installing new heating systems, said General Manager Helmut Bramann to the newspapers of the Funke media group.

So far, the plumbing and heating companies have modernized around 900,000 heating systems every year and rebuilt around 1.2 million bathrooms. “Accessibility in the bathroom for an aging society – the demand here will increase significantly in the next few years,” explained Bramann. According to estimates by the central association, almost 400,000 people were employed in this trade last year.

In Bramann’s view, the law on heating replacement that was passed on Wednesday is no cause for concern: “Installing a heat pump is not rocket science. Much of what you need to know about installing a heat pump has long been known to companies and is also being discussed in the training taught.” There is also a wide range of training courses that many companies also accept. “So the need for additional training for specialists is not as dramatic as one might initially think.”

For some buildings, a heat pump is not enough

The boss of the heat pump manufacturer Vaillant, Norbert Schiedeck, thinks it makes sense to install these systems in most houses. “We assume that up to 70 percent of the buildings in Europe can be heated with heat pumps without major conversion,” said Schiedeck of the “Rheinische Post”. “Additional measures are necessary for the other buildings. Depending on the energy condition of the building, this can range from replacing a few radiators to insulating the building.”

For some buildings, however, the heat pump will not be sufficient: “For buildings with a very low insulation standard, the installation of a so-called hybrid system is a solution, a combination of gas heating and a heat pump. The gas heating only comes into play on the few days low outside temperatures. In this way, the 65 percent rule can be fulfilled.”

According to the new law, Schiedeck is now demanding planning security from the federal government: “It is important that political decisions once made remain. Heating is an investment for 20 years. Citizens and the heating industry need planning security.” Vaillant is one of the two market leaders for heat pumps in Germany and achieved sales of 3.3 billion euros in 2021 with around 16,000 employees.

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