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Status: 06/25/2023 08:41 a.m

In an accident in a tent camp for daycare children in Toppenstedt (Harburg district), a child and an adult died on Saturday evening. The police spoke of a technical defect.

A wheel loader is parked at the edge of a dirt road, the fire brigade is on duty.

Apparently, a lattice box transported by a wheel loader, in which children were being lifted, fell down. According to the Harburg district fire brigade, the victims were a five-year-old boy and a 39-year-old father. The two dead were not related, said press spokesman Mathias Wille. “That’s always the nightmare when children are affected. Terrible scenes played out here. Parents had to be prevented from running to the scene of the accident,” said Wille.

Seven children seriously injured in accident in Toppenstedt

Ten other children between the ages of four and ten were injured in the accident, seven of them seriously. Four of the injured had to be taken to hospitals by helicopter. The spokesman could not say whether children are in mortal danger.

Accident in the tent camp of daycare fathers

Fathers had organized the camp with their children of kindergarten age. According to initial findings, a group was driven by an excavator over a dirt road – “for amusement”, as a fire department spokesman said. The people were in a kind of lattice box that the wheel loader had lifted up.

The accident happened on a dirt road. Ten children were injured, some seriously.

A hydraulic hose on the vehicle is said to have ruptured, said police spokesman Jan Krüger. As a result, the box got detached from the excavator and fell down. Some of the people were buried under the box. The exact process is still unclear. The vehicle was confiscated and is now to be examined more closely.

Driver is routinely examined

The 44-year-old driver was taken to a police station, according to Krüger. “Routine” investigations would be carried out for possible influence by alcohol or drugs. A drone documents the site from the air.

Tent camp was not a day care center event

According to a fire department spokesman, around 60 people took part in the camp. It was not a daycare event, said the deputy head of the Toppenstedt integrative kindergarten. The camping was organized privately. In total, more than 100 emergency services were on site until late at night.

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