Daily SEO Fix: Gaining Insight from Exported Moz Pro Data

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Gaining insight from data you’ve gathered is vital to the success of your SEO efforts, allowing you to monitor your performance over time and make strategic changes where necessary.

One of the Moz onboarding team’s goals is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Moz Pro data. Most of the time, that will involve providing insight within the tool. But you can also get great insight from exported Moz Pro data.

To help ensure that you’re doing all you can to maximize the value of your exported data, we’ve created a handy collection of Daily SEO Fix videos. Remember, if you’d like to speak directly with a member of our onboarding team, you can book a personalized, one-on-one Moz Pro walkthrough.

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What’s the most beneficial thing you’ve learned from your exported Moz Pro data? Let us know in the comments!

Filter ranking keywords by subfolders

How can I see ranking keywords for a specific subfolder of my site?

When analyzing your keywords, you may sometimes want to focus on the performance of a certain subfolder of your site.

In this video, Jo guides you through exporting a CSV of ranking keywords, and filtering to identify keywords for a specific subfolder.

This gives you the ability to focus on ranking keywords that are relevant to what you’re currently working on.

Filter and export popular keywords

How do I filter my keywords before I export them?

In this Daily Fix, Emilie takes us through filtering your keywords prior to export.

Filtering your keywords allows you to hone in on the keywords that you’re ranking highest for, in addition to keywords that have a high monthly volume and low difficulty score.

Export your rankings to a CSV

How can I export a CSV of my tracked keywords?

In this video, I show you how to export a CSV of your rankings keyword data.

Exporting a CSV from the rankings section of your Moz Pro Campaign allows you to see a detailed overview of how your tracked keywords are performing.

You can also filter these keywords by label to analyze a specific group of keywords.

Export title and description tags

How do I view all of my site’s page URLs, titles, and descriptions?

In this Daily Fix, Jo explains how to export a site’s page URLs, titles, and descriptions to a CSV with Moz Pro.

This is super helpful for a content audit, as it gives you a great overview of every page that we’ve been able to crawl on your site.

Export follow links from Link Explorer

How do I export a CSV of my followed links?

In this video, Maddie shows you how to export a CSV of your followed links.

It can be beneficial to view the links that are passing link equity through to your site and contributing to your Page Authority and Domain Authority.

By doing this, you can get a better idea of whether you need to work on building more followed links to your site.

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