Custom ERP Software Development: All You Need to Know


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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process that helps business enterprises to manage and monitor their financial situations while efficiently investing potential resources into new opportunities. ERP Software includes enterprise infrastructure management, internal process automation, and business data analytics. ERP system is based on IBP (Integrated Database Processing).

However, the underlying approach behind ERP is not new, because the idea has long been used by both small and large business enterprises to perform manual calculations of human management. Nowadays, there are many ready-made ERP software available in the market, that can be slightly tweaked to reduce operating costs and to suit the industry/business needs. However, if you have a very specific business nature and requirement, then you might prefer a completely custom-designed ERP software for your company. ERP Developers at Code Creators Inc. and other ERP development companies can help you create custom ERP software for better resource optimization, fewer migration risks, and cost-effectiveness.

A 2016 study conducted by the Gartner’s reveals that about 65% of ERP projects failed. However, this percentage increased since then, but still, various difficulties may come your way while you are implementing a custom ERP software. To avoid these mistakes, learn from Code Creators Inc. experts about all the important things that you must know about a custom ERP software.

What is an ERP Software?

ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software tool, that is used for managing and monitoring business components such as hardware, human resources, sales, marketing, and business planning. ERP designs can be customized and standardized, depending on your enterprise need, operating specifics, business domain, strategic objectives, commercial aims, and business scale, etc.

A custom ERP solution needs to be well integrated to facilitate smooth interaction amid various business components while optimizing internal processes. ERPs can be developed and designed in various forms and could have AI-based and machine learning modules, for efficient task execution without requiring any deep human involvement. Other modules are designed to process, store and analyze business information and it plays a critical role in insightful decision making.

Since every business has its specific needs, customization of ERP solutions is often required by companies. Usually, cafes, retail shops, cab or delivery services, and cleaning companies go with the off-the-shelf solutions, since their business processes and structure are typical. However, large scale and mid-sized enterprises often opt for customized solutions that are specially tailored to meet their cost, productivity, profitability, and operational objectives; because a standardized, non-custom ERP cannot be significantly tweaked to meet the needs of huge enterprises.

Who Needs a Custom ERP Development?

It is not only large or medium-sized companies that need custom ERP. Sometimes small enterprises, with unique business goals and requirements may also need customization. To know if you need customization in your ERP solution, you need to figure out if you are dealing with any of the following business issues. If your answer is ‘Yes’ that you might look for a custom ERP solution.

You Find It Challenging & Time-Taking to Find Out Your Essential Business Data

You need a custom ERP solution to unite all your important databases to keep your resources abreast so that your business can perform with flexibility. Also, if your business decisions are significantly reliant on analytics, then you must consider customization to avoid the heavy cost that false analytics of a ready-made option could bring to you.

You Are Confused with Extensive Software Diversity Within Your Company

If you are already using multiple software within your company to run your everyday processes, and your employees in different departments are also using different tools for their specific needs, then this tends to result in serious technical and integration lapses within the database, that may also cause a deficiency in each others performance and productivity. In such a case, simply scaling a software does not do the job it may result in decline productivity and may also call for additional staff training.

You Are Encountering Problems Within Your Accounts

Account management is the essence of any business, and if that goes wrong, it may affect every other thing associated with it. If your accounts are taking excessive time to be managed because your orders and invoices are not properly managed then custom ERP software development is highly recommended for you. Because this would not only manage your account properly but will also help in maintaining and monitoring data about corporate assets and project budget.

You Are Dealing with Poor Customer Experience Due to Consistent Inventory Management Failures

Regardless of what your business industry or segment is, customer orders have to be timely scheduled, dispatched, and delivered, else, they can potentially lead to poor customer experience issues. The problem usually occurs when your supply, production, packaging, storage, distribution, and selling units are not on the same page, and using a different database for order tracking, then issues like deadline violation, production overloading, etc. may take place, that can eventually lead to poor customer experience. Hence, if your business is facing any such issue, then custom ERP is your way out.

What Goods Would ERP Customization Bring to Your Business?

Regardless of what your product specifics and business operating field are, custom ERP evolves plenty of opportunities for your business. Being a holistic system, ERP unites all your departments and transforms them into a single efficient unit in which all the sub-units are strongly integrated and highly synchronized. As a result, your customer service managers would be capable of providing the best possible service to your clients.

Getting your business, a custom ERP solution also helps in optimizing the consumption, distribution, and supply of your business resources. However, the specific paybacks of using a custom ERP for your business depend upon the logic and structure on which your system is founded. Some of the general benefits that custom ERP brings to your business include the following;

You Only Need to Pay for What Is Required

ERP is a software service and since it is customized, it means that you will only be limited to use the features that are tailored for you. Hence, you only need to pay for the functions and features that you use; all you need to do is to include the integrations that you intend to use. But, on contrary, you need to pay for the whole package, whether you are using it or not – in an off-the-shelf ERP solution.

Test & Add Features & Budget Controlling Features

Custom ERP allows you to develop every single stage of your ERP software very thoughtfully. Also, with a custom ERP, you can add functionality in the future that you want to. Also, you can use internal analysis, language, software structure, and programming environment to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

Scalability Options Available

Custom ERP emerges as a flexible and highly scalable tool. And this allows you to outdo your competitors in case of crisis by saving time and budget by shifting to a different ERP if the current one fails to meet your needs.

What Are the Potential Associated Costs with ERP Customization?

First of all, you need to understand that there cannot be two completely identical ERP systems, simply because the needs of two companies cannot be precisely identical.  And, this is why the exact cost of custom ERP development varies significantly. According to an average estimate, it takes up around 500 to 600 hours to get an ERP software development and a rough amount of $30,000; however, the accurate cost is solely subjected to the set of features that you want to add up to your custom ERP.

Who in Your Team Will Be Using ERP?

Custom ERP is a long-term investment but to make it a great and effective product, you need to decide on who will be using it? And for which purpose it is designed. The answers to these questions are very important because they tend to influence the platform solution and product features. In general, ERP is used by the following employees for the mentioned jobs in most business enterprises.

  • Human Resource Management – HR Staff, C-Level Executives, HR Managers.
  • Inventory Management – C-Level Executives, HR Managers, Tech Managers, Supply Managers.
  • Business & Work Planning – Staff and C-Level Executives.
  • Reporting – Department Heads and Staff.

How Can You Choose Right ERP Technology Partner for Your Custom ERP Software Development?

Custom Software Development is an expensive task; hence you need to invest mindfully. Options like LinkedIn, referrals, outsourcing to ERP development companies, etc. are all great if you know what you are looking for. However, when hiring doesn’t forget to check out the project portfolio of your technology partner to see how they have performed and delivered on similar projects. Also, do conduct a cultural background, soft skill, and language skill set to avoid communication. Last, but not least, give preference to the technology partner of your scale.

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