Claudia Pechstein: “This political correctness that surrounds our country”


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WORLD ON SUNDAY: Ms. Pechstein, do the reactions to your appearance at the CDU convention scare you?

Claudia Pechstein: Fear is a bad advisor. Whoever is intimidated has lost. But I would not have thought it possible how much turmoil and aggression my keynote speech at the CDU policy convention could cause. The attack on the car that I use regularly in Berlin shocked me.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: Are you surprised that such statements are met with criticism?

bad luck stone: No. I have fulfilled the request of the CDU for impulses for their basic program. If the left-green camp were now clapping instead of booing, I would have done something wrong. Many positions that are supported by a broad majority of the population are frowned upon by large sections of the left-wing political bubble and the journalists who court it.

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