Christopher Street Day in Hanover: Transman hit and hospitalized


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Status: 06/02/2023 5:45 p.m

At the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Hanover, two young people from Berlin were insulted, robbed and injured by strangers. The state government reacted with concern and condemned the attack.

A 17-year-old trans man had to be taken to a hospital, police said on Thursday. The teenager was on Saturday with three friends on the way back from the CSD. At the Ernst August monument in front of the main train station, two strangers insulted the group with anti-queer statements. Then they beat an 18-year-old non-binary human. In an attempt to defuse the situation, the 17-year-old was also hit and pushed to the ground. The perpetrators kicked him several times in the head. The 17-year-old’s cell phone fell out of his pocket and was stolen by the strangers. The two fled in an unknown direction.

state government expresses dismay at the attack

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) described the attacks on Facebook on Thursday evening as “shattering and shocking”. According to Weil, this attack shows all the more “that our society must stand united in the face of this anti-queer act of violence and fight for a fairer tomorrow. I strongly condemn this attack and wish the two young people a good and speedy recovery,” Weil continued. Anke Pörksen, spokeswoman for the state government, also commented on the incident at the state press conference on Friday. The attack shows “that tolerance has not yet arrived everywhere and that there is still hatred and reservations against people who want to live, dress and have fun differently,” said Poerksen.

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Queers hate crime: State security turned on

Because these are participants of the CSD, the police state security is investigating anti-queer hate crime, the police said. Non-heterosexual people and those who do not identify with the traditional role model of men and women or other social norms relating to gender and sexuality describe themselves as queer. Trans men are those who were initially assigned the female gender at birth.

The alleged perpetrators are themselves young people

The two alleged perpetrators are being investigated for, among other things, dangerous bodily harm, theft and insult. The first suspect is about 18 years old and slim. He wore a white hoodie with a large print, dark jeans and white and black sneakers. His accomplice is between 16 and 18 years old. He was wearing a black hoodie, black belted jeans and white sneakers. The police are asking witnesses to the crime and whistleblowers to contact the Telephone number (0511) 109 5555 Report to.

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