Checkers Sixty60 Boldly Offers Service Guarantee That Could See Refunds For Certain Customers


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Checkers Sixty60 has been on the rise ever since its launch in 2019, predating the Covid lockdown by just a few months. Post-lockdown, however, the app has only continued to grow. Bolstered by its success, Sixty60 has grown bold and wearisome of other competitors that are catching up.

To keep customers coming back for more, Sixty60 has introduced a ‘service guarantee’ – which will see customers get their R35 delivery fee back if certain requirements aren’t met. Customers that receive their goods 30 minutes late or “receive less than 80% of your first-choice products,” will be eligible for the refund, according to Andrew Louw, marketing manager at ShopriteX.

Yeah, we can’t see anything going wrong with this.

Sixty60, now with more caveats

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t a cash transaction by any stretch of the imagination. Should you suffer the unimaginable fate of your delivery being 30 minutes late, or 80% of your goods aren’t first-choice, the total refund fee will be automatically added to your “wallet balance,” minutes after the delivery is complete.

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According to Sixty60’s terms and conditions, refunds won’t be doled out if the reason for lateness is out of the delivery driver’s hands. It does not provide further explanation. Whether refunds will be given to customers whose driver was halted due to traffic congestion or load shedding is still a mystery.

It’s worth noting that refunds added to your account won’t stick around forever. Customers looking to recoup their refunded fees will only have seven days to do so – with the timer beginning as soon as they are refunded.

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