Cheap 4K TV deals drop to $229 at Best Buy this weekend


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If you’ve been hesitant to upgrade to 4K due to the prices of TVs when the technology first launched, now’s your time to make the jump. Cheap 4K TV deals are offering some excellent discounts on these budget Insignia displays at Best Buy right now. In fact, 4K technology has been falling in price over the last couple of years, so these sets were already cost-effective. With these extra discounts, however, you’ll be able to pick up a 4K TV for as little as $229

That’s the price of a 43-inch display, but if you’re after something a little larger you’ll find the 50-inch model available for $299, or enjoy an $80 price cut on the larger 55-inch TV. These low prices will get you 4K resolution for a fraction of the cost you may have seen a few years ago. That’s because you’re pretty much just upgrading your resolution here, with some handy Alexa features and impressive HDR with Dolby audio added in. 

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