Change of scenery at the Bachelor: “Six is ​​five too many”


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Change of scenery at the bachelor
“Six is ​​five too many”

By Kai Butterweck

Slowly but surely, the “Bachelor” travel group is approaching the relay finish line. Once again the six remaining ladies pull out all the stops. In the end, however, only four candidates floating on cloud nine cheered each other up.

In beautiful Mexico, the last week before the Dreamdates has begun. Still in the running are the shy Jetty, the cackling Angelina, the always prancing around the limelight Chiara, the doubting Rebecca, the mature Alyssa and the more in the background acting Lisa. Having moved from sunny Puerto Escondido to turbulent and motley Oaxaca, the bachelor doesn’t want to lose any more time. In six identical speed dates, the ladies can show the bachelor once again how spontaneous they are.

Jetty shows the bachelor that she can do things differently.

(Photo: RTL)

Seven meters with the tuk-tuk, two bites of pizza, a short downpour under the umbrella and a farewell with flowers: After a cinematic fast-forward pleasure, the bachelor distributed two outstanding kisses (Chiara and Jetty) and gained a new insight , which doesn’t exactly make it easier for him: “Six is ​​five too many!” David sighs into the camera.

The shy Jetti goes full throttle

Well, where he’s right, he’s right. Two more group dates should ensure that David’s feelings and thoughts become clearer. In the “Love goes through the stomach” check, Chiara, who always tries to attract attention, is in the lead “The caterpillars in my stomach are getting bigger and bigger!”). But then Jetty’s hour strikes. Still euphoric from the first kiss, the blonde gets rid of her shyness and goes on the togetherness offensive. David can’t get enough of the “new” Jetty: “She’s definitely in the fast lane,” the bachelor is happy about Jetty’s transformation.

Plays Chiara with the Bachelor's feelings – source RTL.jpg

Is Chiara playing with the bachelor’s feelings?

(Photo: RTL)

The next day, another candidate, more in the background, takes their chance. After an impressive infinity pool experience in the great outdoors, framed by a gigantic view, Lisa is allowed to walk a bit with the bachelor through the old town of Oaxaca. The woman from Potsdam with the endlessly long Snow White hair is “present” and “is finally shining again”, according to the bachelor, who rewards Lisa’s new openness with passionate kisses (“There were a lot of wow moments!”).

“I don’t have a good feeling about Chiara”

“Der Bachelor” im TV

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Then the eighth and last night of the roses in Mexico is coming up. Six ladies hope and fear. But the bachelor only has four roses. What to do? David broods. The bachelor is not really in a party mood this time. In addition to the basic uncertainty, it is made more difficult by the fact that Rebecca just ignites an official “bomb” in passing. “I don’t have a good feeling about Chiara, I think she’s not here because of you, just because of the format,” Rebecca whispers in the bachelor’s ear. He is visibly shocked: “I didn’t expect that. Actually, I was fixed with my decision. But now I’m questioning everything again,” David sighs.

But all the headaches are useless. The bachelor has to make a decision. The nerves are raw. again. Who does he take with him on the Dreamdates? As the ladies get into position, hearts pumping, the bachelor is lost in thought. Then David lifts his head. Lisa, Chiara, Jetty and Angelina can breathe easy. The four ladies get a rose and can look forward to wonderful dates in Rio de Janeiro (“We’re going to Rio, how awesome!”).

For Alyssa and Rebecca, on the other hand, the bachelor only has one last hug and a short farewell. “You made the right decision,” says Alyssa, who somehow seems relieved and liberated. Rebecca is disappointed and emotionally hurt: “It really hurts,” sobs the candidate, who ultimately only maneuvered herself out with her dogged anti-Chiara agenda.

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