Ceasefire in Sudan’s civil war extended by five days


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Status: 05/29/2023 9:47 p.m

The ceasefire in Sudan has been extended by five days, also in order to negotiate a long-term agreement. However, the previous ceasefire was fragile and fighting continued in some places.

The ceasefire in the civil war in Sudan is extended by five days. The parties to the conflict have agreed on this, as the governments of the USA and Saudi Arabia announced in a joint statement.

The move creates time for further humanitarian assistance, the restoration of essential services and talks about a possible longer-term extension, the statement said. The current ceasefire would have expired in the evening if it had not been extended.

About two million Sudanese have received humanitarian aid in the past few days, the US State Department said. The UN World Food Program said it was able to start distributing food in Khartoum on Saturday and has already reached thousands of people.

A month after fighting began in Sudan, it remains difficult to get humanitarian aid to the people.

Fragile truce

However, despite the ceasefire, there had been fighting in the past few days, for example in the capital Khartoum. Government troops from the army under General Abdel Fattah Burhan and paramilitaries from Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo’s RSF are fighting for power.

Hundreds of people have already been killed in the fighting that broke out around six weeks ago, and around 1.4 million are fleeing to safer areas.

A power struggle has been smoldering in Sudan for weeks, with catastrophic consequences for the population.

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