CDU and SPD in Berlin agree on division of departments – future administrative restructuring will be up to the Senate Chancellery


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The CDU and SPD in Berlin agreed on a coalition agreement on Sunday. According to rbb information, it is also clear which party should receive which departments. Names have not yet been announced. Concrete details should follow on Monday.

CDU and SPD have successfully concluded their coalition negotiations. In a brief final round of negotiations, the two parties agreed, among other things, on the distribution of Senate posts.

As the rbb learned from negotiating circles, if the black-red coalition comes about, the CDU should get the following departments: finance, education, youth and family as well as culture and Europe. In addition, the Environment, Mobility and Climate Protection department. Consumer protection, which was previously also located there, is moving to the administration of justice, which is also occupied by the CDU.

As Governing Mayor, CDU leader Kai Wegner would make the topics of digitization and administrative modernization a top priority – they would move from the interior administration to the Senate Chancellery.

The SPD is to receive the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing, supplemented by monument protection. In addition, the trimmed interior department, the economy and science, health, care and equality. In addition, there is the administration for integration, work and social affairs, which is supplemented by diversity and anti-discrimination. These issues have so far been the responsibility of the judiciary.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, April 2nd, 2023, 10:00 p.m

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