Caviar just revealed a gold version of the Apple Vision Pro and it costs 10 times more


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The Apple Vision Pro was easily one of the most exciting and disappointing products to come out of WWDC 2023. Exciting because of what it represented and disappointing for its massive $3,500 price tag.

But if you didn’t think the Vision Pro was expensive enough, then you might want to look away as Caviar just designed a custom version of Apple’s Vision Pro will a whopping $40,000 price tag, which is over 10x more than the original Vision Pro.

Caviar announces gold version of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition

Caviar is known for designing customised versions of mainstream products, turning them into exclusive luxury items with enormous price tags. Now, 24 individuals will have a chance to own this very exclusive limited edition Apple Vision Pro.

Caviar’s iteration of the Vision Pro draws inspiration from Tom Ford’s flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks, according to the official release. “This visionary device not only offers advanced features but also stands as a work of art, seamlessly blending into your personal space.”

How Caviar puts the luxury in the Vision Pro?

This version of Apple’s Vision Pro is made from 18K gold, amplifying its weight and exclusivity. The pure gold eyepatch must be raised to reveal the screen on the inside. This feature adds an additional level of privacy to the Vision Pro, which is absent in the original model.

Additionally, the head strap that goes around the back uses Connolly leather, which Caviar says is “renowned for its delicate yet durable nature.” Caviar says, “This legendary leather, supplied to the British Royal Court and Rolls-Royce, guarantees an indulgent experience for the device’s owner.

However, there’s bad news if you are one of those handful of 24 people waiting to get your hands on the Caviar edition of the Vision Pro. According to Caviar, the limited-edition Apple Vision Pro will be available till fall 2024. Reports have also emerged about an affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro, which is in the works.

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published: Friday, June 30, 2023, 14:59 [IST]

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