Can’t buy an RTX 3080? It seems like some miners are having no problem getting one


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While the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 is absolutely an amazing graphics card, it’s perhaps more well known at this point for just being a pain to get your hands on. However, not everyone is having the same amount of trouble. 

A post over at Techarp shows a mining rig with 78 PNY RTX 3080s, which is 78 more RTX 3080s than most people are able to get their hands on right now. That’s $54,522 worth of graphics cards at retail price. On the off chance that this miner didn’t use a bot to scoop all of these cards off of retail sites, most RTX 3080s are selling for around $1,199 on sites like Ebay, so at the most we’re looking at $93,522 worth of hardware. 

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