“Came to an incident”: Two couples fly out of “Summer House of the Stars” prematurely


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Two couples are thrown out of the “summer house of the stars” prematurely

Drama and arguments are not uncommon in the “Summer House of the Stars”. But after a violent incident, according to RTL, two couples are now over at the beginning of the shooting. Rumors of a fight are circulating on social media.

In the past, a number of smaller and larger dramas have taken place on the RTL show “The Summer House of the Stars – Battle of the Celebrity Couples”. For example, participants have already been spat on and viewers of the reality show have already seen several exposed buttocks. But in the eighth edition of the trash TV show planned for late summer 2023, a somewhat more violent incident may have occurred, as a result of which two couples were even thrown out of the show.

After rumors about a fight in the star residence had spread in the past few days, among other things, on social networks, a spokesman for RTL now confirmed an incident to the “Bild” newspaper. The Cologne broadcaster said: “During the recording of the ‘Summer House of the Stars’ there was an incident between two couples, whereupon we made the decision that both couples had to leave the summer house early.” However, RTL did not confirm the rumors of fisticuffs and a slap in the face.

Are Serkan and Samira following?

And RTL did not give any details about the “incident” mentioned. The official statement also does not reveal which participating couples were dropped from the show prematurely. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, however, it is said that it was Luigi “Gigi” Birofio and his new partner Dana Feist as well as Valentina Doronina and her fiancé Can Kaplan.

None of those named have made a public statement to date. This is possibly due to contracts with the broadcaster RTL, which prohibit the participants from expressing themselves in public before the reality show is broadcast. “Bild” also wants to know that Serkan Yavuz and his partner Samira Klampfl have moved into the show as replacements for Birofio and Feist. The broadcaster RTL explained: “Everything else about the summer house will soon be on RTL.”

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